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Boat tours from Kylesku (North Coast 500).
Including, The Old Man of Stoer, Cape Wrath, Handa Island, and remote uninhabited islands including Sula Sgeir and North Rona.

Available Boat Tours from Kylesku on the North Coast 500

Stacks & Handa Island Sea Cliffs Tour

£80.00 p/p

Private Charter Leisure, Business, TV/film, crew Transfer

From £150/ hour

North Rona & Sula Sgeir 1 day adventure Tour (10 hours)

£185.00 p/p

Cape Wrath Explorer Landing Tour (8 hours)

£150.00 p/p

Stacks & Seabirds half day tour including Handa Island Sea Cliffs

£80.00 p/p

Wildlife Spotting Tour (5 hours)

£90.00 p/p

Uninhabited Island Camping Tour 2 days / 1-night camping

£395.00 p/p

Ultimate Uninhabited Islands Camping Tour 4 days / 3-night camping

£1200.00 p/p

Cape Wrath Explorer Tour (5 hours) (non-landing)

£110.00 p/p

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Sula Sgeir

Sula Sgeir, approx 11 miles from North Rona has a special place in the seafaring history of the men of the Ness district on Lewis who to this day visit annually to collect young gannets for food and feathers.

North Rona

More isolated than St Kilda, it is the most remote island in the British Isles to have ever been inhabited on a long-term basis. Uninhabited since 1844.

Point of Stoer

The Old Man of Stoer is a 60-meter-high sea stack of Torridonian sandstone in Sutherland, Scotland. Close to villages of Culkein and Stoer and the nearby Stoer Head Lighthouse. It is a popular climbing route.

Handa Island

Handa is an island off the west coast of Sutherland, Scotland. It is 309 hectares and 123 meters at its highest point. A small ferry sails to Handa from Tarbet on the mainland and boat trips operate to it from Fanagmore.

Sandwood Bay

Sandwood Bay is a natural bay in Sutherland, on the far north-west coast of mainland Scotland. It is best known for its remote 1-mile long beach and Am Buachaille, a sea stack, and lies about 5 miles south of Cape Wrath.

Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath is a cape in the Durness parish of the county of Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland. It is the most north-westerly point in mainland Britain.

Destinations Covered

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